Circle of life

Theory T is about how to meet and how to be with each other. How we are with each other includes the kind of stories we tell each other and the pictures of the world we communicate.

Theory T says we are built for peace, but capable of war.

We love peace but will take to violence.

So we need to understand our fundamental nature.

Theory T likes  to explain things in circles

for example, we have two physiological states:

Flight and fightIf in fear, or we feel threatened we respond as above. But we are not always in that mode. We go back to a feeling of safety when the danger is over.

Theory T says that this dual nature should be reflected in our culture  in our institutions,  our plans, our infrastructure, our technologies.


The diagram above shows the capability society can build up for the circle of preparing and responding to danger, recovery, building community mitigating danger and so on.


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