Permaculture of the heart and personal relationships

Never give up! Together there is nothing we cannot do.


In permaculture we have realized the dependence of our health and well-being on our relationship with and care for the plant life and its needs. That has had a strong and salutary effect on many lives, in our individual homes and gardens, in our communal sharing through community gardens, Transition Towns and especially ecovillages, all good models for the future.

There is a great need for us to focus on the health and well-being of our relationships with each other as human beings. Even when we gather in common cause to create better relationships with the plants and the Earth, we still get confused in our interpersonal relationships. That often surprises us, when we began our relationships with such high hopes for them, but more and more we have seen ourselves and others give up and abandon those relationships saddened, or angered, or just bewildered.

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