Eco-village as a model


If we accept theory T for a moment – that we humans have the innate capacity to create better lives for ourselves in groups, how could we come together to create such a solution given we are living in a world that is not configured for the Theory T approach?

A good solution might be found in the eco village or better still, the Eco-unit approach. Basically  you could  see a modern  village (or city district for that matter) as a place where people live, and they go to work to get money to provide their essentials,

The eco village on the other hand is a machine that provides inhabitants with a roof over their head, food on the table and social cohesion. The village and surrounding land is co-owned rather than just the houses being individually owned as in a conventional village(although houses can still have individual ownership or rights).

This machine has the potential to provide the essentials with less fossil fuel needed, with much less pollution and with more equity.

Theory T says that given enough tools of self determination and co creation, a group of people can work things out appropriate to their situation, geographical, bioregional, temperamental, historical and otherwise.

You could say that theory T offers a way to save the planet, one small group at a time.

It could well be the best investment anyone can make. See the article about Eco-village as investment.

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