David Suzuki looks to indigenous people for wisdom to solve environmental challenges

Says David:

So it was the people who stayed in place as others moved on, who had to learn to live within their means, or they died. That is what I believe is the basis of indigenous knowledge that has built up over millennia and that will never be duplicated by science because it is acquired from a profoundly different basis (I wrote about the differences in a book, Wisdom of the Elders).

…..I have chosen to work with First Nations because in most cases, they are fighting through the value lenses of their culture.

Read more in his article in the Vancouver Sun


We need an economy built on caring

Tania Singer presents evidence that the ‘homo economicus’ theory is simply wrong. The theory we are selfish and act in our own immediate economic interest has no basis in research

Writing in the New Economic Forum blog, Tania Singer, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, explains that a new economy based on the way humans really work, needs to be created.

The article contains a lot of the theoretical basis for Theory T, including how Neuroscientific studies show that we have many different motivational systems. We can be motivated by power and achievement, by consumption and wanting; but we are also motivated just as deeply by care and systems of affiliation. These have evolved to allow us to form stable relationships, to build trust and to take care of children. Once we realise these motivational systems are common to all humans, and most are even shared with animals, the world starts to look very different.

Finding the way back

Inspiring message from Chief Phil Lane Jr. an old friend of Manitonquat


At this unique and unprecedented moment in human history – in the midst of mounting social, political, economic, psychological and spiritual restlessness and uncertainty – there exists an unnamed rootlessness that permeates the very heart of the Human Family and condition.

And it is time to name it.

Too many human beings in the modern world have been in the pursuit of the industrial and material dream severed from our Indigenous Spirits. We have forgotten how to live in harmony on our Mother Earth, and have thus lost touch with our Indigenous Roots and our intimate connection to one another and all Life! Continue reading