The age of separation transforms to the age of we need each other

Theory T  says we need each other. Something along theses lines is the subject of a dialogue between Charles Eisenstein and Oprah Winfrey. Charles believes this is a marker, his work is normally eschewed by mainstream media. Continue reading


Back to the Circle – Circle Camp July 17 to 20, Mundekulla

The circle has been with us a long time. It is the foundation of tribal people’s culture and recently adopted by, among others, eco-villagers and transitioners.  Led by Manitonquat, we will spend four days immersed in the traditional and modern practices based on the circle.

July 17th 14:00 – July 20th 16:00 at Mundekulla Conference center

Bring your friends and children along for this beautiful summer camp. Experience the essence of the Circle Way, enjoy the supportive listening of the circle way offers as well as the music and fun we co-create together.

Relax in the beautiful, tranquil settings and be a part of the emerging supportive, healing and healthy culture with a seven generation perspective.

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Return to creation

Reproduced with permission from the book Return to Creation c.1991 by Manitonquat)

I lie with my back upon the earth.  I rest deeply, supported securely on the bosom of the Mother as she turns me toward the Father. The blue depth of my Sky Father’s mind absorbs my own mind. A few frail puffs of cloud fleet across his face like quizzical expressions. The salt wind from the low tide flats sighs through the marsh grass and rustles the silver poplars in a glimmering dance. Continue reading

Creating a Different World – An Interview with Medicine Story

This guest blog comes from Sanna Hellberg Reproduced with gratitude!


I met Manitonquat, Medicine Story, or simply Story, as he likes to be called, at my first Circle Way Camp at Mundekulla in 2013. At eighty-seven, the Wampanoag elder is still writing books and travelling the world with his wife Ellika, to share the wisdom of his ancestors and teach the art of listening. Continue reading


story.pngSays Story:

As far as money goes, I am in a transition process from the Old Story of a capitalist economy, which we all live under, and a New Story for a New World that I would like to model – an economy of giving rather than getting, which for me means that I tell folks that I do not price my income but I still must pay my expenses – I indicate what the expenses are, then leave it up to the recipients of the gift of my services to give back what they are able and would help them feel okay about the transaction.

For more on this see my friend Charles Eisenstein’s book ‘Sacred Economics’ and ‘The More Beautiful World our Hearts know is Possible.’
His descriptions are clear and precisely what I have been trying to say for many years – we got together for a combined interview on video last fall at ZEGG and I can’t wait to see it!

The Circle Way is an old ‘new’ story as it is based on the ways of all people before mass agriculture and the building of urban civilization, when communities were small and connected to each other and to the land and other life on the land and there was no concept of individual ownership because all was in relationship (how can you own your mother the Earth and your cousins the plants and animals?). Civilization changed that old story and everyone alive today has been affected with that individualist thinking of ownership and competition resulting in disconnection, isolation, separation, domination, war, law, police, prisons, lies, scams and manipulation etc etc.

None of that is anyone’s fault and blame only increases the separation.

What is needed is connection, seeking together commonality in our human condition and how we can help one another to fulfill our common needs
and desires. So every way in which anyone can make connections with the hearts of others and bestow the gift of understanding and compassion is going to help move us all in the direction of that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

So every moment we spend listening to and sharing with others advances us on the journey together and we are strengthened with the love and the joy that comes with those connections. Gratitude and celebration bring us also closer and further together.

Native American Elders call on us and UN


Excerpts from the address of Chief Phil Lane, Jr, Chairperson of the Four Worlds International Institute to UN Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar & the World Commission on Culture and Development

Very Respected Friends and Relatives,

I have complete faith that, together, we will be able to build a new world civilization. Drawing on the collective consciousness of countless previous generations, we have the divine capacity to resolve and heal all past grief, fear, hatred and broken trust, while building a just, sustainable and harmonious world that will fully realize the unlimited potential of the human family, both individually and collectively. Continue reading