David Suzuki looks to indigenous people for wisdom to solve environmental challenges

Says David:

So it was the people who stayed in place as others moved on, who had to learn to live within their means, or they died. That is what I believe is the basis of indigenous knowledge that has built up over millennia and that will never be duplicated by science because it is acquired from a profoundly different basis (I wrote about the differences in a book, Wisdom of the Elders).

…..I have chosen to work with First Nations because in most cases, they are fighting through the value lenses of their culture.

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We should stop trying to be something we are not

Great advice from the TINY BUDDHA site on being yourself. Recommended as part of Theory T which says that everyone has the power to be able to contribute to the success of the group.

And that we are held back by the poisonous thoughts of other theories that have us feel we are inferior.

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By –Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

The only real option we the people have is to just walk away from the system entirely – which thousands are doing now, but millions will need to do eventually to get through and start any real movement for change for the seven billions on planet Earth.  We need now to become as fully independent of the dominating cultures as much and as fast as we possibly can.  We need to make not enough income from them to pay them taxes, we need to grow all our food and make what we need for ourselves out of what we can recycle rather than buy from supermarkets and department store chains, what we do buy we need to buy locally, preferably through people’s co-ops, and make all the energy we can from renewable sources.  We need to blow up our TVs and make our own entertainment, tell our own stories, make our own music and plays, art and literature, a complete culture of who we are, what we do and seek, our deepest dreams, deepest yearnings of our hearts, our humor and fun and playfulness with each other, to honor and be enriched by our elders and have fun and play with our children, and give them the experience that the joys of life are not about competition or winning or ownership or material stuff, gadgets, fashion, or wealth, but are found in our love, our connection and closeness to nature and other people and creatures. Continue reading