We need an economy built on caring

Tania Singer presents evidence that the ‘homo economicus’ theory is simply wrong. The theory we are selfish and act in our own immediate economic interest has no basis in research

Writing in the New Economic Forum blog, Tania Singer, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, explains that a new economy based on the way humans really work, needs to be created.

The article contains a lot of the theoretical basis for Theory T, including how Neuroscientific studies show that we have many different motivational systems. We can be motivated by power and achievement, by consumption and wanting; but we are also motivated just as deeply by care and systems of affiliation. These have evolved to allow us to form stable relationships, to build trust and to take care of children. Once we realise these motivational systems are common to all humans, and most are even shared with animals, the world starts to look very different.


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