With only a modest range of tools, tribes of the North American Indians survived and thrived thanks to their customs and knowledge accumulated over centuries. Like many other native peoples, the wisdom of their old ways contains a remarkable, highly developed social technology that has been generally lost to recent generations: how to work together with enjoyment.

As austerity and tensions rise in societies around the world, as pressure on governments and social services increases, and as  stress from competition calls  corporations to ask for ever more from their employees, this technology is badly needed. Studies show that only a very tiny proportion of people actually enjoy being at work.

How to work together and enjoy it is akin in many ways to survival tools. It is fascinating to study tales of survival where identical crews go into identical lifeboats with identical supplies. Some made it – some didn’t. I am sure in these stories, too, the essence of the social technology we badly need to develop can be found.

Theory T calls for the development of these social technology tools – all  you need  to create productive, long-lasting and joyful work situations with everyone around you – family, volunteering and in corporate life.


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