By –Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

The only real option we the people have is to just walk away from the system entirely – which thousands are doing now, but millions will need to do eventually to get through and start any real movement for change for the seven billions on planet Earth.  We need now to become as fully independent of the dominating cultures as much and as fast as we possibly can.  We need to make not enough income from them to pay them taxes, we need to grow all our food and make what we need for ourselves out of what we can recycle rather than buy from supermarkets and department store chains, what we do buy we need to buy locally, preferably through people’s co-ops, and make all the energy we can from renewable sources.  We need to blow up our TVs and make our own entertainment, tell our own stories, make our own music and plays, art and literature, a complete culture of who we are, what we do and seek, our deepest dreams, deepest yearnings of our hearts, our humor and fun and playfulness with each other, to honor and be enriched by our elders and have fun and play with our children, and give them the experience that the joys of life are not about competition or winning or ownership or material stuff, gadgets, fashion, or wealth, but are found in our love, our connection and closeness to nature and other people and creatures.

There are thousands of communities around the world of people who have just contrived to leave their dominant malignant, polluting, destructive, manipulating, consumerist corporate/industrial/ insatiably greedy cultures.  Those people have begun the process of re-connecting, listening to each other, to everyone equally, both genders, all ages, races, regardless of class or education. They have begun to make agreements together locally as to how to live and share together and support each other, and they are beginning now also to connect with other local communities in regional networks and with other regions around the world, to support and trade with each other.

Like many others, I have been engaged for many years in the process of empowering people to work together, to listen to each other, support each other, build trust and an environment where, by connection and cooperation, we can create whatever we dream of and agree we want.  Our particular process we call The Circle Way, and what we are up to can be found at www.circleway.org.  We have three communities in Europe now using our Circle Way process and two others in Ireland and Italy ready to acquire land and begin to build.  But we are not alone – I meet with many representatives from other networks of communities around the world at gatherings where we inform and support each other.  Most people do not yet know that this is going on, but as this grows we will start to conceive the shape of the new world our prophets and visionaries have told of, a world whose new culture is truly human, of, by, and fit for human beings.

As long as I live and can speak and write I will be encouraging people to walk away from the system and make their own, to help the communities that already exist to listen better to each other, to come closer to one another and bring ways to solve separateness and problems and more fun and compassion within them with the proven effective tools of our Circle Way and Supportive Listening, and to create new communities in The Circle Way and to support and create networking and closer connection among them and with all networks of alternative communities throughout the world.

It takes determination and persistence, but it is easier than you think to depend upon other like-minded folks rather on an inhuman system that does not ove us but only needs our energy to feed and support it.  I am convinced, I have seen with my life and work that

What kind of world do you want to live in?


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