We compare different ways of thinking here, putting theory IC (industrial capitalism) against theory T.

Hierarchy which creates an Us and Them No hierarcy and no us and them
Specialisation based on roles No roles, specialisation based on individual talents. Multi-tasking – everyone helps with every task needed.
Your engagement formalised as a job Your engagement as member of the group/tribe
Training decided by management  Invited to develop, encouraged by Tribe members
Personal development not seen as  essential to your functioning Personal devlopment seen as essential to being functioning member of tribe.
Personal development professionalised  Personal development something tribe supports each other with continuously.
Child care industrialised to specialist institutions and responsiblity of parents  taking care of children seen as essential role of tribe, responsibility of community supporting parents
Inclusion is something earned by individuals making themselves attractive as employees Inclusion based on culture of respect
Expression of feelings seen as less important than communication rational and efficiency  Connection with feelings seen as central to developing connection to each other. Expression encouraged to be heard in nn-judgemental way.

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