Join us on this journey to a new paradigm

We need a new theory – a new paradigm – about how we can support each other so we can all thrive. The culture we have created – rooted in  among other things mass production, urbanisation and science and technology – needs to be more human.

This blog explores an alternative, we call it theory T. Theory says we function better in small, self determining communities simply because that’s the way we evolved.

Theory T works as a leadership and  management tool, as a community building approach, and even something to help you as a family member.

We are building as we go along.  Do follow us (enter your e-mail in the right side bar on the contact page), and contact us if you would like to contribute and collaborate.

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Listening is one of the foundations of Theory T

The Joy of working together

With only a modest range of tools, tribes of the North American Indians survived and thrived thanks to their customs and knowledge accumulated over centuries. Like many other native peoples, the wisdom of their old ways contains a remarkable, highly developed social technology that has been generally lost to recent generations: how to work together … Continue reading The Joy of working together